What better way to start St Kilda Festival than with incredible views of the beach on your yoga mat! Discoyoga is a pumped up yoga class with a live Dj playing a combination of pop, house and chill out music to take you on a journey of vinyasa flow. This is a FUN and UPLIFTING class leaving you feeling energised and positive for what ever you have planned for your day! It's all about community spirit at Discoyoga so come wth friends and family you are going to have a ball!!! Please bring your yoga mat or towel and a drink bottle (preferably no plastic throw aways) and an attitude ready to move your body to the music.


Discoyoga is well known to the local Melbourne yoga community and has recently spread the love at the LA Yoga Expo and Bali Spirit Festival.
Specifically designed to raise the vibration of the community in a drug and alcohol free space, Discoyoga brings people together in an experience of unconditional love. The class runs for 90 minutes with treats after class and time to catch up and connect. Expect to have an outrageous amount of fun, get your yoga practice on and dance your like crazy!
Life’s too short to be ruled by inhibitions, fears and worries.


“Imagine the holistic gift of yoga cuppled with the awareness of self love, acceptance and her love for music, this is exactly what Nickie Hanley has managed to create. A space specifically chosen combined with an awesome theme,  leave your inhibitions at the door and experience a yoga class like no other.  The energy that starts to build from the beginning of the class to the very end is palpable - Nickies Discoyoga events are nothing far from an epic…… promoting that all of this can be achieved with no substances in your body other than a heart full of love!”

Love Emma

“I love disco yoga. It is a combination of aerobic workout and vinyasa flow…the feeling after.. exhilarating, euphoric, happy and peaceful.”

Diana Ting


'Always awesome fun! Every Discoyoga is a unique experience—filled with music, dancing, yoga and connection. Nickie Hanley has an infectious energy; she’s inclusive, able to lift a crowd and carry them with her on an incredible lively adventure. Expect to move in new ways, be energised by the positive vibe and leave having made new friends.'  

Atika Fraval

“A place to express without judgement and expectation, that's what's so special about disco yoga. Even when I go on my own I feel part of a community, and for someone who deep down loves to move, but never feels safe too, can here. I'm so grateful for Nickie and the universal acceptance to just be who I am – every way I am and every way I am not. It's fun and freedom on a mat!”

Debbie Ferris

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